Friends Talk Frontend

Talking to amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life is like. We also talk about random shit.

Helen V. Holmes

Helen is an awesome designer and developer. And guess what? She also does hardware shit! She’s a badass. She currently works at Mozilla on the Firefox browser ...

Joni Trythall

Joni Trythall (or Joni Bologna) is a really cool human being who takes ideas from napkin doodles allll the way to implementation. She’s also a kickass teacher.

Alex Lash

Today we're talking to my buddy Alex Lash! She's a designer, front-end developer, and a teacher. She's very inspiring, and I hope you'll learn something from her today!

Rachel Smith

Hey, everyone! Today we'll be talking to Rachel Smith! She's a JavaScript and Ruby developer at Codepen, and she has a lot to share in this show!

Pam Selle

Hey, everyone! Our guest today is Pam Selle. She's very talented and she has worked on a ton of different projects both on frontend and backend. I hope you'll learn something from her today!

Una Kravets

Today's guest is Una Kravets! She's an amazing front-end developer, designer, and all around awesome person. We're here to talk to her ...

Gabrielle Wee

Today we’re talking to Gabrielle Wee on her adventures on web development and web design! I hope you enjoy this show!

Shanise Barona

I have Shanise Barona with me today and she’s a web developer right here in Philly! She talks about her adventures and struggles on learning backend ...

Stephanie Liu

I have Stephanie Liu here today, and we talk about bubble tea, JavaScript, CSS. She has a lot to say about teaching, finishing projects, and motorcycles ...

Val Head

Val Head is pretty much all about animations. She’s written a book about animations, she talks about animations in workshops and conferences ...

Tim Holman

I got to talk to Tim Holman who’s a tinkerer, prankster, and, of course, a developer. He’s currently working at Codepen and if you like weird and zany things ...

Nicole Dominguez

Nicole Dominguez is a freelance developer, mentor, and digital nomad. In this podcast we talk about her travels, the conferences that she’s been to ...

Mat Marquis

Our guest today is Mat Marquis and he’s also an author, a boxer, and a pretty good baker. Listen to him as he talks about how he got into tech, how ...

Dan Mall

Our guest today is Dan Mall and he is a creative director and founder of SuperFriendly, and also the co-founder of a new service called SuperBooked ...

Jess Lee

Our guest today is Jess Lee, and she talks about her work at—it’s a place where programmers share ideas and help each other grow ...

Kim Goulbourne

Our guest today is Kim Goulbourne. She is a very productive human being. She has so many cool projects—she is doing all the projects!

Monica Dinculescu

Our guest today is Monica Dinculescu and she is an emojineer at the Polymer project at Google and before that she used to work on Google Chrome ...

Saron Yitbarek

Today we’re talking to Saron Yitbarek of Codenewbies. She’s here to talk about how she started the Codenewbies community and Codeland.

What is this?

As you can see, this show is very much focused on interviewing people who do frontend development and design. Computing is a huge field, ya know. If you're curious about the lives of these people, go give it a listen! I promise it's super fun.